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Marble radiators consumption

Usually it is assumed that for 10 m2 of the apartment it takes 1 kW of installed heating elements to warm up to 22-23 degrees.Read more »

Marble radiators save

The large part of your home budget is allocated to the cost of heating for electricity. This is the main reason why you should consider the way to reduce heating costs.Read more »

Guarantee 5 years

For each product we give 5 years warranty. In case of a malfunction on the radiator, you will receive a new radiator of the same power at no additional charge.Read more »

Delivery and installation

Possible delivery and installation on the whole territory of Serbia!Read more »

Marble radiators

This type of radiator is made of marble slabs in which the built-in electric heaters certain volume, run on electricity and are known as radiators that radiate natural warmth.

It is believed that the premises are heated by the principle of solar energy, and the walls and floors are heated evenly. This type of radiator is designed to reduce heating rooms with the same heating effect and therefore save energy by up to 30 percent. Marble radiators reduce the possibility of allergies to dust, and also do not dry the air. As can be built in many sizes and easy to set up great for matching with any interior. Each marble has a radiator thermostat, which provides cost-effective heating..

Technical characteristics

Power (W) ​Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Heating capacity (m²)
400 w 60 40 20 4-6 m²
600 w 87 40 25 6-8 m²
800 w 104 40 30 8-10 m²
1000 w 112 50 45 10-12 m²
1200 w 120 50 50 12-14 m²
1400 w 120 60 55 14-16 m²

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